2021 Thank you & Recap

2021 Thank you

2021 Thank you & Recap

To all our clients, partners, and friends,

On behalf of the entire Rush Order team, we would like to thank you for your support in 2021. This was another “interesting” year full of surprises, challenges, and successes. 

With so much happening in the supply chain and distribution space, we thought it helpful to recap the items most likely to impact your product distribution and customer support during this last stretch of 2021 and into 2022.

  • It’s now or never as Christmas shipping deadlines begin to pass. Fire up those final Christimas promotions now!
  • Inflation continues to dominate headlines. Both FedEx and UPS are enlisting an eye-popping 5.9% rate increase to kickoff 2022.
  • USPS is moving a little slower than usual. Worse yet, USPS is also raising rates in 2022.
  • US duties and tariffs enacted under the Trump administration continue to drive creative workarounds by importers. Before moving and potentially disrupting your manufacturing operations, consider duty free US imports via Rush Order’s Baja, Mexico warehouse.
  • US imports are still hampered by container delays. New shipping lanes through The Port of Oakland bring some promise of relief. 
  • Selling in the UK? Customs clearance delays and confusion have subsided, but shipping domestically via a UK warehouse is still a must if you want to successfully tackle this market.
  • Ocean, air, and ground freight are subject to seemingly inevitable delays in the current enviroment. Here is our recent checklist to setup your customer support team for success, despite all these challenges.
  • New Warehouse Management System (WMS) enhancements are on the way for our US warehouses, as well as updates to the Rush Order web dashboard. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in 2022.
  • Lastly, Rush Order is hiring! Lots of clients and partners in our network are hiring as well. Please tell your friends or let us know if there is anyone in your network who may be interested. 

We wish you the best of luck closing out the year, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Your Rush Order Team