Announcing Rush Order Duty-Free Fulfillment

Eliminate US Tariffs

Announcing Rush Order Duty-Free Fulfillment

In the course of Rush Order’s 30+ years in business, many of our most successful solutions were born in difficult times. As we continue to work through current challenges, we are preparing our clients for what is next.

For those who manufacture in China, we hope you will soon see success ramping up production. Looking toward a brighter future, Rush Order is excited to announce a new solution that drastically reduces the burden of duties and tariffs when you import into the US.

Eliminate duties and tariffs on your imports to the US

If you ship B2C orders valued less than $800 directly to US consumers, Rush Order Duty-Free Fulfillment may significantly reduce the impact of duties & tariffs on your bottom line, especially in this new economy.

With our newest facility now online and operating in Northern Mexico, straddling the US border, we can streamline your e-commerce shipping to US customers without the heavy tariff burden.

How does this work? 

Consider these two facts:

  1. You only pay duties & tariffs upon entry of inventory into the US.
  2. However, with the correct licensing in place, duties & tariffs are never due on shipments valued at less than $800.

Rush Order’s solution moves your goods by air or ocean from China to our Mexico warehouse, thus avoiding a tariff laden entry into the US. Transit times for these inbound shipments are nearly identical to a “normal” US import through California ports.

As customers place orders, Rush Order will pick, pack, and ship orders in the Mexico warehouse, just like we do in the US. Every shipment receives a domestic UPS, FedEx, or US Postal Service shipping label with a California-based return address. These shipments are cleared in bulk through US customs tariff-free and dropped off at each shipping carrier’s facility in San Diego, California.

From there, your orders proceed through the domestic UPS / USPS / FedEx shipping networks as usual.

How is this legal?

This solution is years in the making. We leverage a specific maquiladora license to import duty-free into Mexico. We then use a Section 321 clearance for each parcel shipped north across the border to your US consumers. Once we receive an order for fulfillment, we fully declare each individual UPS / USPS / FedEx shipment as the parcels re-enter the US.

What else do I need to know?

A lot. This solution is not for everyone, but it is a huge benefit to those paying large tariffs and/or duties. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more and discuss a potential fit.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • Huge upside on tariff savings
  • Seamless integration with your existing supply chain
  • Easy setup and integration with existing e-commerce platforms
  • Turnkey management of this solution by a Rush Order Project Manager
  • Fully compliant with all laws in China, Mexico, and the US.
  • The Mexico warehouse can be used in place of or in conjunction with Rush Order’s California and New York facilities

More about Rush Order

At Rush Order, we do more than just talking about agility and flexibility when it comes to logistics.  Our made-to-order platform can be deployed in countless ways via a global footprint. We are constantly innovating new solutions like this tariff saving fulfillment option.

We are ready to build and scale a B2C operation that conforms to your unique differentiation in the market. Please click to learn more or contact us to learn more and start a conversation.