Never lose another package in transit: Rush Order + Route is here!

Never lose another package in transit: Rush Order + Route is here!

Route Lost Package Protection

We believe your customers should never be burdened by lost or stolen packages in transit

Rush Order is proud to announce our new partnership with Route to create amazing customer experiences.

Route empowers brands to be intentional about their post-purchase experience with visual order tracking, package protection, effortless claim-filing, and the world’s first universal order history.

We’re most excited about Route as a foolproof way to give customers and brands perfect protection against loss, damage and theft in transit. In a typical scenario, if a “porch pirate” steals your shipment from your customer’s front doorstep, an awkward sequence generally ensues. The customer reaches out to your customer support team and explains the situation. You are stuck between two difficult choices:

  1. You can disappoint the customer by asserting you did your job by getting the shipment to their doorstep. This is not ideal in terms of impact on customer experience and brand reputation, but at least your expenses are mitigated.
  2. You can re-ship the order at your own expense to appease the customer. This is a better customer experience but it’s very expensive. This is the most common solution we encounter, and we feel your pain.

With Rush Order + Route, there is an amazing alternative. Here is how it works:

  1. The customer places their initial order and chooses to opt-in to Route package protection for as little as $1.
  2. Let’s now assume the shipment is lost, damaged, or stolen on the way to your customer’s home.
  3. Your customer can instantly file a lost package claim with Route via their confirmation email. The Rush Order Customer Experience team will also proactively notify the customer of the issue in most instances thanks to our shipping carrier API integrations. We’ll even proactively offer to file the lost package claim on your customer’s behalf!
  4. Once the claim is quickly approved, Route will place a new identical order in your shopping cart at full price. Rush Order will ship the replacement order to the customer right away.
  5. Hurray! The customer’s lost package is almost instantly replaced at no additional expense. Your customer receives an unbelievable experience, despite what began as a negative situation, and you receive two orders for the same customer, both paid in full!

Who pays for this and how is this possible? Remember, in step 1 above, the customer opted in for a very small sum to have their entire experience protected. Route is funding this amazing experience through these small payments. Despite Route’s relatively new entrance into the market, we’re already finding that well over half of customers are opting in to Route Shipping Protection!

To learn more about this unique partnership and see if it can benefit your e-commerce customer experience, please contact us.

Route Shipping Protection