Prepare Now: 2022 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Prepare Now: 2022 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Author: Chrissie Nelms, Customer Experience Manager, Rush Order

Similar to 2021, this year’s holiday shipping season brings a unique set of challenges. You’ve worked hard all year to navigate a pandemic, launch new products, and hopefully, save, stabilize and/or grow your business. Let’s end 2022 with a successful holiday season!

International shipments are already subject to additional surcharges based on weight. The international surcharges are applicable worldwide, including shipments from Rush Order’s Europe and Asia warehouse locations. 

Here are links to the specific details on these ground, expedited, international, and large item peak surcharges from FedEx and UPS

We expect other carriers around the world to levy similar surcharges and price increases this holiday season. 

With performance suffering and delivery guarantees suspended, make sure you plan accordingly and set expectations with your customers.  

As we do every before the holiday season, Rush Order created a nearly comprehensive list of global shipping deadlines to help ensure delivery before Christmas.

The following table is categorized by Rush Order warehouse location, as well as shipping carrier and service level. We recommend providing clear guidance to customers on your website using the following deadlines for the particular shipping service levels you offer. You are also welcome to download an Excel version of this table.

Please keep in mind ground shipping deadlines in the US can be pushed out a little further if you leverage Rush Order’s locations on both coasts. For questions about US bi-coastal shipping, as well as options from our Shanghai or Tokyo warehouses (not listed below), please contact your Rush Order Project Manager or through our general inbox here.

Rush Order wishes you a happy and successful holiday selling season!!!

Rush Order Warehouse Shipment Origin

Customer Destination



2022 Suggested Cut off Dates

AustraliaAustraliaAustralian PostAustralia Priority12/16/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExOneRate 2day12/21/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExOneRate Express Saver12/21/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExOneRate Priority Overnight12/22/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExOneRate Standard Overnight12/22/22
CaliforniaUSAFedEx1st Overnight12/22/22
CaliforniaUSAFedEx2 Day12/21/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExExpress Saver 3 Day12/20/22
CaliforniaInternationalFedExInternational Economy12/7/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExGround12/14/22 Outside of California, 12/19/22 within California
CaliforniaInternationalFedExInternational Priority12/13/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExOvernight Priority12/22/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExOvernight Standard12/22/22
CaliforniaUSAFedExHome Delivery12/12/22 East Coast 12/13/22 Midwest & Southwest 12/15/22 West Coast 12/19/22 within California
CaliforniaUSAFedExGround Economy12/7/22 East Coast 12/8/22 Midwest and Southwest 12/12/22 West Coast 12/15/22 within California
CaliforniaInternationalUSPSUSPS Air Mail12/15/22
CaliforniaUSAUSPSPriority Mail12/19/22
CaliforniaUSAUSPSFirst Class Mail12/16/22
CaliforniaAll DestinationsUSPSAPO/FPO/DPO USPS Ground Service11/28/22
CaliforniaAll DestinationsUSPSAPO/FPO/DPO Priority & First Class Mail12/7/22
CaliforniaUSAUPSUPS 1 bus day by 8am12/22/22
CaliforniaUSAUPSUPS Mail Innovations12/7/22
CaliforniaInternationalUPSUPS Mail Innovations Intl12/1/2022 Not suggested for guaranteed Christmas delivery
CaliforniaUSAUPSUPS Next Day Air Saver12/22/22
CaliforniaUSAUPSUPS 2nd Business Day12/21/22
CaliforniaUSAUPSUPS 3rd Business Day12/20/22
CaliforniaInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Express12/13/22
CaliforniaUSAUPSUPS Next Bus Day 10:3012/22/22
CaliforniaUSAUPSUPS Ground12/14/22 Outside of California, 12/19/22 within California
CaliforniaCanada & MexicoUPSUPS Standard to CA & MX12/14/22
CaliforniaInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Express (same as UPI)12/13/22
CaliforniaInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Express Plus12/16/22
CaliforniaInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Saver (Express)12/16/22
CaliforniaInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Expedited12/16/22
CanadaCanadaCanada PostExpedited12/21/22
CanadaCanadaCanada PostPriority12/16/22
CanadaCanadaCanada PostXpresspost12/21/22
CanadaCanadaFedExFirst Overnight12/22/22
CanadaCanadaFedExPriority Overnight12/22/22
CanadaCanadaUPSExpress Early AM12/22/22
CanadaCanadaUPSExpress Saver12/20/22
Hong KongInternationalDHL ExpressExpress12/20/22
Hong KongInternationalFedExEconomy12/12/22
Hong KongInternationalFedExIntl Priority12/14/22
Hong KongHong KongSF ExpressGround12/14/22
The NetherlandsEuropeDHLExpress12/20/22
The NetherlandsEuropeDHLNext Day Noon12/22/22
The NetherlandsEuropeDHLNext Day EOD12/22/22
The NetherlandsEuropeDHLNext day by 10:3012/22/22
The NetherlandsEuropeDPDClassic Service12/16/22
The NetherlandsEuropeDPDExpress Service12/20/22
The NetherlandsEuropeFedExInternational Economy12/12/22
The NetherlandsEuropeFedExInternational Priority12/14/22
The NetherlandsEuropeDeutche PostDeutche Post12/14/22
The NetherlandsEuropePost NLPost Netherlands12/13/22
The NetherlandsEuropeUPSStandard12/13/22
New YorkUSAFedExOneRate 2day12/21/22
New YorkUSAFedExOneRate Express Saver12/22/22
New YorkUSAUPS1 bus day by 8am12/22/22
New YorkUSAFedExOneRate Priority Overnight12/22/22
New YorkUSAFedExOneRate Standard Overnight12/22/22
New YorkInternationalUSPSUSPS Air Mail12/14/22
New YorkUSAUSPSFirst Class12/15/22
New YorkUSAUSPSUSPS Priority Mail12/16/22
New YorkAll DestinationsUSPSAPO/FPO/DPO USPS Ground Service11/28/22
New YorkAll DestinationsUSPSAPO/FPO/DPO Priority & First Class Mail12/7/22
New YorkUSAFedExGround12/14/22 Outside of New York, 12/19/22 within New York
New YorkUSAFedExHome Delivery12/14/22 Outside of New York, 12/19/22 within New York
New YorkInternationalUPSMail Innovations Intl12/1/2022 Not suggested for guaranteed Christmas delivery
New YorkUSAUPSUPS Next Day Air Saver12/22/22
New YorkUSAUPSUPS 2nd Business Day12/21/22
New YorkUSAUPSUPS 3rd Business Day12/20/22
New YorkInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Express12/13/22
New YorkUSAUPSUPS Next Bus Day 10:3012/22/22
New YorkUSAUPSUPS Ground12/14/22 Outside of New York, 12/19/22 within New York
New YorkCanada & MexicoUPSUPS Standard to CA & MX12/14/22
New YorkInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Express12/13/22
New YorkInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Express Plus12/16/22
New YorkInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Saver12/16/22
New YorkInternationalUPSUPS Worldwide Expedited12/16/22
United Kingdom    
United KingdomUKRoyal PostRP Standard12/19/22
United KingdomUKRoyal PostRP Expedited12/21/22