Top 5 ways you can improve E-Commerce Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) today

CSAT improvement

Top 5 ways you can improve E-Commerce Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) today

How are your customer satisfaction scores looking these days?

While business may be booming thanks to e-commerce’s strength, savvy companies know that no matter how crazy things get, CSAT is the metric your brand sizzles or fizzles by. 

So how can you keep your CSAT sizzling and show your customers some much-deserved love? Read on for Rush Order’s Top 5 Ways to Improve CSAT and turn casual customers into brand loyalists. 

1) Over-Communicate

The pandemic proved communication is king and keeping an open flow of information with your customers is key to success. Direct to consumer (DTC) brands are using email and social channels to great effect, of course. However, in the last year, our biggest gains in CSAT scores for specific brands were driven by the implementation of live chat and text messaging with customers. Opening more communication channels helps you meet your customers wherever they prefer to be serviced. The result? Yep, higher CSAT. Proactive Customer Support

Better yet, Rush Order’s customer service solutions moved from mostly reactive to frequently proactive this past year. With the implementation of our new Transit Dashboard, our Customer Support team is reaching out to customers in a matter of minutes when a shipment is stuck in transit due to any reason like bad weather, customs clearance delays, or loss or damage in transit. Why wait for your customer to reach out to you? If you can intervene proactively before the customer realizes there is a problem, you’ll create a fan for life. 


Customer Support Quality Measurement

2) Monitor & Measure Your Team

Actionable data makes everything better. At Rush Order, we monitor our agents’ inquiries using automated QA tools that allow us to intervene and coach customer support agents in real-time. Providing your agents with constructive and positive feedback also drastically improves your team’s morale and performance. Your customers can sense your team’s smiles.  

Monitoring our agents’ performance and quality over time also helps Rush Order’s client stakeholders validate and improve their training techniques and investments in time and resources. The flywheel starts to spin and only gains momentum when you measure the quality of your support team’s work. 

3) Update Your CRM

Make your data more usable and improve customer experiences by leveraging the power of a CRM. Zendesk’s premier-level platform is Rush Order’s CRM of choice. Many other great tools like Kustomer and Intercom are readily available and relatively easy to configure as well. A CRM can automate your emails and help you quickly create CSAT surveys. Armed with the collected data and powerful data analytics these tools offer, your company can make informed decisions about how to improve your products and support. Customer Support Reporting

4) Read and Take Action on Your CSAT

This sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how often this time consuming task can be neglected. Reading and digesting CSAT surveys is critical. Data shows that 50% of negative feedback is not tied to an agent but rather a company policy or procedure or product. By letting the data guide you, you may be able to make easy policy changes that dramatically improve your brand image, top line sales, and return rates.

5) Expand Your CX Offerings as You Grow

As mentioned above, we need to meet our customers when and where they prefer to be met. The days of only offering email and / or phone support are long gone. Customers were already adopting chat and messaging before the pandemic, but these channels have dramatically accelerated in adoption this past year. 

In addition, many customers prefer to be helped on nights and weekends. This was always the case but, again, the need to meet customers’ busy and varied daily routines was magnified this past year. We expect this trend to continue. Whether you hire internally full time or part time, or outsource, ecommerce is a 24/7/365 business, whether you want it to be or not. 

Lastly, consider multi-language support as your business expands globally. There’s no replacement for the comfort of a familiar voice who intimately understands customers’ local norms. At Rush Order, we offer support in 7 languages across contact centers on 4 continents to support our largest client brands. It is totally fine to start small with one language (e.g. English) and grow your capacity over time, but start planning for scale now. Your future customers will thank you.Global Fulfillment

In Summary

Keeping CSAT at the forefront of all you do is critical in driving your business to new heights. CSAT data can ensure you remain relevant and agile and continually rise to meet customer expectations. 

If improving your CSAT sizzle is on this year’s to-do list, Rush Order offers a full suite of Customer Experience (CX) solutions. Leveraging our Zendesk and Quality Assurance technologies, we can easily enable chat, phone, email, and proactive outreach to your customers. And, better yet, we can enable closer relationships between you and your customers than most inhouse solutions are capable of delivering.

What’s your biggest CX challenge? Contact us and we’ll put together a complimentary strategy to help turn your customers into brand loyalists. From there, you are welcome to work with us or keep this free playbook for your own internal use. 

Author: Anthony Ramirez, Director of Customer Experience, Rush Order